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More Auto-Immune, Acne, & Rosacea Natural Healing Testimonials

'If you are baffled by how emotional pain contributes and manifests as physical conditions in the body, then this book is the key to illuminate these mysteries. Georgie is a world expert on interpreting our disguised emotions as a language that shows up in physical health challenges. In all of my studies, I have never seen a more excellent solution for staying healthy.' -Dr. Charles Nwankwo

'Before I met Georgie, I didn’t understand how much my body, mind, and spirit depended on one another. If one is mistreated: all three suffer. Her message changed my life – it got me off medications that I was told I would never be able to survive without, and gave me two beautiful children I was told I could never have. If you understand this concept and begin to trust your instincts; you can heal anything. Georgie is wonderful! Read this book so you can heal things you never thought could heal!' -Maren, homemaker and depression survivor

'Georgie is a living angel who came into my life with a rare insight: trapped emotions are blockages that prevent our own bodies from healing themselves. Working with her has resulted in the gradual healing of my profound hearing loss after 64 years of decline. Now I am free of hidden fears and stress, able to enjoy music and can feel relaxed when I am around others and have a chance to talk to people. No expensive Cochlear implant needed!' -Michael L., Natural Remedies Expert

'I have had the privilege of knowing Georgie for the better part of a decade. I can tell you from direct experience with her work, she is the real deal when it comes to emotional healing and the physical changes that accompany such healing. Georgie’s newest book will take you on an unconventional, but simple journey inward to the precious child where “Smart Emotions” will have the greatest impact. If this book has found its way into your life…it is time. It is time to come back home to that place from which none of us should have ever strayed.' -Dewey James Louvier

'I met Georgie 12 years ago at an event totally unrelated to our fields of interest. Once we connected on the holistic level, we became close friends. Since that time, I have been around her enough to know how gifted she is with her own natural abilities to bring about healing for others. Her generous spirit and knowledge have helped so many people over the years. I believe this book is another inspired gift she has to offer those looking for a path to bring about their own personal healing.' -Sharla Evans

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