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More Joy-Full Testimonials

“Having Rosacea, I decided to distract myself with nasty behaviors that became addictions and compulsions. I was on a path of self destruction. My experience with Rosacea can be summarized using a quote from Jesus “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Matthew 12:25. Georgie taught me that Rosacea is a gift, a stop sign, an outward reflection of what is going on inside, and she was right. That was hard to hear; I had internal chaos. My mind, emotions and my spirit were filled with conflict and that took a toll on my body. After doing phone sessions with Georgie my face greatly improved, I am now ‘in harmony with in myself’ and committed to never be divided again.” –S. K., Manager

“I would encourage anyone dealing with any spiritual, emotional or physical challenges to trust their intuition and to reach out to Georgie for help. She truly has the training and wisdom needed to help others heal holistically. Her life and healing story speak for itself.” -Mary, Adoption Agency Educator

“I’ve had Depression since I was a child, and have been told that I will never be able to live without medication. The past few years, I’ve been diagnosed with several other apparently random problems, and as my problems compounded, my depression deepened. Then Georgie walked into my life and asked me for help with her art. I began spending time with her, teaching her things about sewing, drawing, painting, and suddenly my life turned around. Just having Georgie in my life, my outlook changed, much of my pain is gone, and I have even gone off some medications. Her gentle suggestions and healing energy have given me new hope that I can heal. She’s a walking miracle, and I would recommend her to anyone!” -Maren, Artist & Educator

“Georgie has taught me a way to live that I have never experienced before; I have healed my physical symptoms that were caused from my own internal stress. She has taught me that I never have to have those physical symptoms again because now I understand how they got created. With understanding I have learned how to have peace within and how to release my daily stress. Even my marriage has improved. How incredibly grateful I feel, she has been an angel in my life.” –Mike, Corporate Executive

“Once I started working with Georgie the Rosacea immediately began to improve. The thing that made the most difference was putting an end to the internal battle of fear that I had being diagnosed with an ‘incurable’ disease. She taught me how to listen to my body: the more I move towards anger and distractions the worse my face is. The more I move towards peace and joy the calmer my face is. I have a 55% improvement and I’m starting to see signs that total healing is taking place.” –Ken, Business Executive

“It turns out that my Rosacea and acne was reacting to emotions from the problems of my past. Georgie taught me fun, gentle methods to release those issues. My depression lifted and my face healed as she showed me ways to love and care for myself that I had never experienced before. Georgie is very intuitive and gets right down to basics when it comes to how to heal – it is common sense that we have not been taught.” –Shileen Nixon, creator of Wonder Woman Challenge

“I have known Georgie for many years and her healing story is amazing! I have seen firsthand how she has helped others with compassion and love. Most of us have trouble trusting who can help us; in my humble opinion she is ‘authentic and real.’ Her gentle spirit comes from her own healing experience and that of helping many others.” –TJ Ryan, Radio Talk Show Host

“Georgie lives what she teaches. Her story of self-healing serves not only of inspiration but also of desperation. When she counsels with Rosacea and acne sufferers, she knows not only the physical afflictions, but the emotional and spiritual toll that it takes on a person. She fought and emerged victorious when all the professionals said it was impossible for her to heal.” –Carolyn Sue, Grandmother

“Let me thank you for bringing such an empowering message of hope and purpose to my Talk Radio Show. Your determination to heal yourself fighting against all odds is without a doubt one of the most moving and faith-filled experiences I ever came across as a broadcaster. People around the world can learn from the wisdom you’ve gained.” –John St. Augustine, Radio Broadcasting

“It has been my blessing to have known Georgie for 15 years. She has taught me exercises to release worries and stress that lead to dis-eases. One of my favorites is writing in the sand and letting the waves carry my worries away. Good luck on your journey and know that with Georgie you have an anointed teacher to learn from.” –Carolyn, Realtor, Cancer Survivor

“Thank you Georgie for your help, what you do makes the world a better place. Love you,” –Teresa, London

“Georgie inspires each of us to uncover our spiritual center – where the potential for all healing resides.” –Dr. Huff, Md., F.A.C.S.

“The response of 200 people attending your workshops for 8 weeks was totally positive and enthusiastic. Even the media couldn’t wait to attend the next week to report what you were teaching. Keep sharing!” –Mr. Titus, Vice President, Medical Center

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