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'Auto-Immune, Acne, & Rosacea Natural Healing' Testimonials

'Up until now, we have been taught to not feel our feelings/emotions, producing our inner prisons of silent suffering, by hiding our true selves. Don’t apologize for your feelings. Name them, own them, admit them, walk with them, hold them inside, and say them out loud. Travel deep inside and let your feelings unravel like colored threads on a tapestry and heal. Georgie’s book is an invitation to be authentically real as God intended.' -Joanne K, Spiritual Director

'I was trained as a Medical Doctor, specializing in surgery, when I discovered how trauma and emotional devaluation shows up in physical health challenges as blocked vibrational frequencies shutting down specific areas of the body. I became an International Homeopathic Doctor teaching others how to avoid possible surgery but heal the emotional blocks in life that caused it. Georgie and I complement each other’s wisdom by taking a new honest look at how trauma, illness and disease happened in the first place as a call for love and how it can be reversed.' -Dr. Tito Palacio Henry, MDS, MDH, MDN, Christian Counselor

'As an Acupuncturist and Medical Intuitive, I can tell you Georgie validates all of my trainings. Energy in the human body by design was meant to naturally flow; our vitality diminishes in proportion to our unresolved life’s issues; as a result, we experience great suffering that can be prevented. I highly recommend to all doctors, practitioners and individuals – embrace this exceptionally written book and the ripple effect it can have on our families and communities.' -Heather Viccaro, L. Ac.

'Georgie lives totally convinced and expecting prayers to be answered! Her passion for making visible the healing energies of our Loving Creator has contributed strongly to the growth of my faith and healings experienced by me and others. I suggest you invite her to mentor you how to actualize your true inner joy.' -Barbara B. Smith, MA

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'Joy-Full Holistic Remedies' Testimonials

“I had been diagnosed with acute acne. The fear and anger that I felt were immense; I wept often with despair. Fear had paralyzed me to where I couldn’t think straight. I no longer wanted to look in the mirror. Then I started Skype phone sessions with Georgie. She calmed me down and started teaching me about my own natural healing process and how to work with nature rather fearing my body. I’ve already started seeing my face improve significantly. She is an incredible resource for finding answers that you can apply and experience.” –Susan, teacher, United Kingdom
“I have had 4 children in 6 years, after which I began to notice all sorts of bizarre symptoms: Rosacea, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, angry outbursts, crying, insomnia, etc. I blessedly stumbled on Georgie Holbrook. I wrote her an e-mail and she immediately answered. I started doing sessions with her. Georgie explained to me in detail how my body was breaking down and taught me how to reverse my symptoms. I now have my wellness, joy, and laughter back in my life so I can enjoy my husband and children. I have firsthand experience of what Georgie teaches, but better still I can pass this on to my children, affecting all of our futures.” –Pam, Pennsylvania
“For the 1st time in 25 years I have begun to experience peace and stillness within. I had just gotten used to feeling empty, with a knot in my stomach. Georgie helped me get my life back, my Rosacea has cleared up and depression is gone! She helped me to discover how beautiful life is again; now I feel excited about life and feel a desire to wake up each morning and live.” –Anna, Home School Teacher
“Georgie helped me see how much anger, fear and bitterness I was holding on to. I had been running on automatic for so long and didn’t know how to stop or change. Gently, Georgie taught me a new way to be; she helped me heal emotionally my hurts and false beliefs from my past that were stuck and were causing my Rosacea and physical symptoms to manifest.” –Pamela, Children’s Book Writer
“I was diagnosed with Rosacea one year ago, but it actually started two years ago. Georgie always asked what happened six months to a year before physical symptoms started. For me, it was a reaction to events that occurred that pushed me over the edge. My wife is very much like my father, she did two things that made me full of rage. My dad treated me that way when I was a child; my wife treated me that way once I got married. Georgie helped me heal this pattern that kept me in bondage and therefore heal my face.” –Steve, Accountant, Colorado

“Georgie has helped so many of my family members and clients. I had Georgie do foot reflexology on me. I had a hammer toe that curled under and to my amazement when I got off the massage table my toe was straight and healed. The other thing I witnessed, as she worked on my feet, there was an angel that appeared and placed its head on my shoulder – an experience I will always remember. She really is anointed, walks and talks with angels." -Dr. B, Owner Texas Wellcare

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