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Georgie's Holistic definition of Rosacea & Current Solutions

Holistic means examining and treating the ‘whole person,’ and not compartmentalizing the ‘face.’ Recognizing the connection between the physical body, the mind, the emotions, as well as the Spiritual healer within the person.

I examine the underlying needs of the person and their lifestyle, in helping them find their own solutions. My recommendations are non-related to vitamins, herbs or medications.

Now you can take your own immediate action with the use of my book, CDs, workshops and private consulting. Believe always that you too can heal and label yourself no longer "incurable."

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Georgie's Rosacea/Acne Answer

Georgie healed herself of Rosacea - You Can Too!Georgie - Before and Georgie Holbrook after she used natural cures for rosacea

Rosacea Acne and Yeast Infection

I share from my own experience of healing Rosacea and that of working with hundreds of others around the world over the years. Currently it is estimated that over 45 million people worldwide suffer from Rosacea and far more suffer from acne. I have discovered some obvious emotional and physical indicators of where to find healing answers. These indicators have been overlooked by doctors, holistic practitioners, psychotherapist and individuals – I was one of them at one time – because the search is isolated to the face. I don’t believe you can heal Rosacea, acne or any other health condition without addressing the natural way the entire body heals. Once this happens, the answers are as apparent as brightly lit exit signs in a dark room.

Holistic Natural Remedies look at the emotional, physical and spiritual components of the ‘whole person’ to solve any health challenge. For example, our skin is our largest organ and the last place to exhibit symptoms of health challenges; facial issues are born of greater internal problems. Our skin is literally the embodiment of our inner harmony and happiness.

For seven years I walked alone, with Rosacea so extreme that my face started deforming. I was scared, isolated, traumatized, alone and desperate for answers. If I had known then what I know now I believe with all my heart that I could have healed within 3 to 6 months of my diagnosis.

If you have Rosacea, acne or any other health challenge, you are no longer alone. I am dedicated to be part of your solution, determined to do my part in helping you to end your suffering and live your life empowered with passion, proud of your body and face.

I want you to know I’m only a phone call or e-mail away – you walk alone no longer on your path to recovery.

Enjoy and learn from my books and CDs, enroll for future events and contact me now for private phone wellness coaching. Or gift a significant person in your life with my services. Thanks to modern tools, we can even Skype from around the world.

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Georgie with Rosacea


Special Note: Thanks to modern medicine for all the research that has been done on Rosacea, we now have options when using a holistic approach that compliment each other.