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Auto-Immune, Acne, & Rosacea Natural Healing

How ‘Smart Emotions’ Precisely Target Life’s Issues & why

Self-Help • Health & Fitness • Philosophy

Identify precisely blocked emotions that cause health challenges and free yourself of suffering! Healing steps for: healthier relationships/lifestyles, spiritual truth, awakening to your life’s purpose, and hands-on-remedies. Learn from clients’ healing stories and how to reclaim your childhood; choose natural solutions with passion! Read More...

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The Rosacea-Acne Natural Remedy $14.95

After writing Joy-Full Holistic Remedies, Georgie now describes her new insights in what caused her to have such an extreme case of acne, rosacea and near blindness. Includes a rare Health Evaluation: How to look for the emotional and physical components for finding your own answers. Describes how the body/immune system breaks down and what causes random symptoms. How rage shows up in physical pain - so you don’t have to deal with your anger. How stuffed emotions will re-appear in physical pain to try and distract you. How to recover from sexual abuse and trauma. Healing thoughts about yourself. If you find you don’t measure up, believe you can’t heal and feel ashamed of how you talk to yourself – learn how to walk proud and heal crippling negative self-talk and low self-esteem. Her book includes 3 national published articles on her healing and much more. Download the eBook and order Paperbacks here!

Also available on ePub, Kindle and eBook PDF

Joy-Full Holistic Remedies, How to Experience Your Natural Ability to Heal $17.95

Six chapters of Georgie’s holistic healing story. Ten chapters of self-help - things she discovered to help her heal her body, mind and spirit. Chapter 10: Measure Your Joy - daily how we give our energy away and cause ourselves to feel exhausted and how to increase our energy and joy. Page 104: Turning Anger inside out. Some of us have had a lot of hurts and hidden rage that we think we have healed or forgotten until another situation comes along and we re-act. Includes an exercise to release this inner rage. Page 112: How to create peace and serenity inside yourself. Page 78: How to pick a holistic therapist, who do you trust? Chapter 13: How to move out of fear and trust your body. Download the eBook and order Paperbacks here!

Also available on ePub, Kindle and eBook PDF

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Below are some of Georgie's free healing video's on her YouTube channel - Georgie Holbrook - www.Joy-Full.com

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