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Georgie Anna Holbrook has the gift of intuitive “knowing.” She has helped others heal and live inspired lives for over 20 years.

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“Need help with a health issue? Send me your personal story along with where you live and let me give you suggestions for finding natural solutions. You walk not alone.” Georgie

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Georgie teaches natural principles that have been proven for centuries. They support prosperity, health and wholeness for: relationships, careers, cash-flow, healings, renewal and your deepest heart desires.

'I have worked with numerous healers and Georgie is in a league of her own. She has been by far the most genuine, caring healer I’ve worked with. I could tell from the first session her greatest delight is helping people heal and the value goes way beyond her fees. She truly cares about people and helping them achieve wellness. The best part is she is so readily available through phone or Skype even though we live over a thousand miles apart. I thank God for Georgie and the wonderful intuitive gift she has to help others heal emotionally, physically and spiritually. She has been a blessing in my life.'  Lisa, mother of 4 children, Wisconsin see more testimonials about Georgie's service here

Georgie Anna Holbrook is an internationally recognized gifted empathic healer. She intuitively interprets for others how their disguised emotions show up in mild to extreme health challenges. Many times, she has witnessed these same conditions reverse. Her passions in life are being a spiritual director, prayer mentor, and author.
            Georgie went from having a tragic deforming incurable disease and near blindness to experiencing in the seventh year the natural steps to totally self-heal. Having been given a second chance, she dedicated her life to sharing the gift of her healing discoveries with others, in hopes of helping them. See the serious consequences of self-neglect, high stress filled lives, unfulfilling lifestyles and careers. Human self-devaluation must stop. Georgie is inviting others to explore the enormous possibilities and passion that come when living true to self.
            For over 20 years she has chosen and proven nature’s ways, which knows how to self-heal almost anyone! She has taught natural alternative ways of healing in universities, colleges, hospitals, companies, churches, etc. across the USA. She has an on-going private practice with clients worldwide. Georgie is a speaker and workshop leader sharing natural solutions with those that desire to learn how their own body does healing and repair, practice prevention and how to increase their vitality and health.
            She facilitates others to be empowered, live peace-filled happy lifestyles, to find work they enjoy that aligns with their passion, and to witness nature by design that rewards them with health, inner joy, and prosperity.
            Her spiritual journey began having served as a vice president, board member, and leader for major Fortune 500 companies that hired her for her ability to solve complex business and employee challenges. Her background includes marketing strategies, co-training, recruiting and environmental evaluations for businesses and homes.
            Georgie has many gifts as a healer, song writer, musician, and artist. Her favorite saying is ‘I pray up and listen,’ deeply trusting her intuition for/with her students and clients.

INVITATION: Now you can embrace the sacredness and satisfaction that comes when you allow your body as your best friend to teach you what it requires to stay emotionally, physically and intuitively in harmony with nature, being empowered when you have health and lifestyle challenges. Today, set up your appointment: Email

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Coach, Mentor, Teacher

Georgie has taught in universities, colleges, businesses, and churches nationally. She has healing articles that have appeared in numerous magazines. She has been an instructor at 3 massage schools. Capturing worldwide attention, her books, CDs and DVDs are easy-to-use guides to achieving physical, emotional, and spiritual health.


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