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Clients' Healing Stories
Excerpt from Chapter 2 -
Auto-Immune, Acne & Rosacea Natural Healing Book

Remember to take what fits and leave the rest; I suggest you stay open to possibilities.

When I was first introduced to holistic natural healing, I listened and set the information aside for years. I felt it didn’t relate to me until I was 37 years old and faced with a decision to go the medical or natural route to help me heal from a frightening diagnosis. Now, for 20 years I have had the honor to teach natural solutions and witnessed hundreds of people heal using the same natural principles on any given health problem.

The basic mechanics of your God-given body readily respond when you have correct information in your tool kit. Trial and error leaves you feeling helpless and caught up in fear, seeing no results. Having a basic understanding of how to self-correct practically any health challenge moves you into confidence and trusting your body, and once you know, better yet, you can prove what you know.

My training came first from holistically healing my own complicated extreme case of rosacea. The first therapy I trained in was cranial sacral therapy, because it helped me feel a release in my skeletal body that changed my life forever. Until then I imagine I was wound up inside, similar to wringing a dish towel so tight it looked more like a big tight rope. I had shielded myself from the world around me and didn’t realize my skeletal position felt familiar and became a way of functioning in life, but was not even close to being comfortably relaxed or in flow.

I’m going to explain the significance in laymen’s language, like a puzzle to help you find answers to a bigger beautiful picture of your body in order to heal. I am going to explain some of my training that will tie into client healing stories and you can see for yourself how healing happened.

Cranial sacral therapy is an art in itself. The head weighs approximately 8 pounds, it has 22 bones that interact with each other. Under a microscope you can see the bones connect with muscles that look like a zipper - gentle movement flowing back and forth. From the weight of our heads, and trauma along with stress in our lives, these bones can start to tighten. The average doctor will not recognize this nor will we. If the bones tighten day in and day out from too much stress, one of the signs will be hair loss. People who have lost all their hair, in my thinking, have done so because the cranial bones have tightened to the point where hair no longer can grow. When the issue is corrected soon enough, I have witnessed hair begin to grow normally again.

Another area will be jaw problems called TMJ - clenching teeth and dental issues, even hearing and vision loss. Every cranial bone is affected by high stress. Cranial sacral is like having a very gentle head massage, allowing the bones to self-correct readily or over time.

Imagine the body as a hydraulic piece of equipment or an accordion musical instrument – something that expands and contracts. At the nape of the neck is where all the meridians and nerve endings have their beginning. You might have seen Chinese pictures of the body with what look like electrical wires going from the neck area down throughout the body and landing in the hands and feet. This is part of your life force energy, which has a natural flow. Each foot has 7,400 nerve endings in precise areas of the feet that represent the organs. (You can go to your library or look on the World Wide Web to study what the feet can tell you.)

The spine was meant to twist and have energy flow from the tailbone up to the nape of the neck. Remember, like a hydraulic it has a flexible action. What happens when someone is traumatized as I talked about in Chapter One? The approximate eight pound weight of the head presses down on the nape of the neck, where the heart of the meridian and nervous system begins, which causes the nerve endings in the feet to start to shut down or get plugged for lack of stuck energy. The feet start to hurt, and eventually the spine starts to curve from the skeletal system pulling down and inward. What happens when you have foot reflexology and open those nerve endings and meridians? Feet stop hurting; swelling in feet and ankles will start to dissipate because the natural flow is no longer restricted.

After becoming a Cranial Sacral therapist, I took and became a licensed massage therapist because I was fascinated with learning everything I could about the entire body. Immediately upon graduating, I was hired by three massage schools to teach. Again, I got to see volumes of people of all ages have their bodies respond to relaxation techniques, feel better and start to turn their lives around and heal.
I have also had the honor of teaching workshops, classes and lectures on preventing cancer, auto-immunity disorders, healing hidden hurts, living your passion, natural remedies, issues in your tissues – how to dialog with your body and get correct answers - writing your story in order to heal and living a spiritually centered, balanced life. I have taught on many subjects, inviting others to "try simple remedies and prove nature for themselves," plus years of doing one on one sessions by phone, Skype and in person. My passion is to stop the suffering, help people get educated, empowered and practice prevention the rest of their lives. I want people to get excited and experience more energy, clarity and wellness.

I still don’t know what ultimate health is for myself but I keep striving. I’m in God’s university and never get to graduate. There is always more to learn, and I love it!

Clients Healing Stories

            A lady 45 years old had struggled with acne for years, going to doctors and changing her diet. I always ask what happened months or even a year previous to the health issue. Her daughter had married a man of a different faith, and in her church, that brought great shame to the parents, and she had cried for months after her daughter’s marriage. Then another daughter had an affair with someone, which totally embarrassed her to think her flesh and blood was capable of this major sin in the beliefs of the church.  She herself lived her life around her church and took pride living what she believed. Now she felt her own children were lost, and she had internalized her deep hidden hurts. She stopped all activities as her face broke out and there appeared to be no solution. She expressed the feeling that God had abandoned her and her children.

We have not been taught how to translate the physical language. I led her through guided imagery to intuitively dialogue with her inner self, allowing her honest body to tell us her acne story. In the end I understood that she felt she had lost all control over her children’s lives. By insisting they live a certain way when they didn't, her mind went into a turmoil like having a death sentence. Her feelings of unworthiness, living with this situation, were overwhelming. She could no longer be proud of her children; this was a major loss to her. She couldn’t "face" her life any longer, so her face accommodated her by breaking out and causing her to withdraw from the world around her. I reminded her that her children were on their own spiritual path, which might be very different from hers.

To see her children totally on their path and Divine order is always perfect, whether we can embrace that thought or not. Then and only then can we find peace within at whatever the price and begin to heal. She was a fast learner and noticed within days she had developed a noticeable calmness on her face and started to show signs of positive healing. Remember when the chemistry in the stomach and organs are calm, they will reflect directly back on your face and health.   

Reflection: Family discords can fester for months and years. The situation may never be able to get resolved. As you suffer in silence, trying to act strong, I suggest that in order to live in the moment and enjoy life, getting help to heal your inner wounds must be a priority.

Practicing kindness and love are still the most fulfilling things I can ever do. I highly recommend it to everyone I meet. Do random acts of kindness and watch them multiply and place a song in your soul.
How do people heal? Same way Jesus healed the woman with a withered arm – he saw her as perfect and chose to love her beyond appearances.

Cranial Sacral Therapy. The first time I had it done to me by another therapist, I felt as though I had stepped into a healthy person’s body and experienced a sense of love on a deeper level than ever in my life. It lasted five to ten minutes, but it made me a believer in wanting to live from this new space in my body. Soon after, I got trained and could gift others this experience. (There is a great story of a small child that had been traumatized and had a cranial sacral release session with me and had instant healing - found in Joy-Full Holistic Remedies book.)

I was new in the healing arts - I had my massage table set up, and clients started showing up. One night a physiotherapist came, and I worked on her. When I got to an area of her right arm, I immediately got a pain in my arm so sharp that it took me to my knees. It felt as if I had been hit with a bullet. I asked, "What have you done with this arm today?" She said she had been doing anger work with her clients and having them push up against her right hand and tell their stories.

I questioned how in the world I could pick up on this energy.  My mind spun around with all types of questions for my mentors. I continued working on people but noticed that I would get mild pains here and there in my body while working on them. It happened often enough that I was considering just ending my therapy practice.

Then one day I made an appointment with a lady I had heard had insights into this type of situation. I wanted to avoid taking other people’s pain into my body voluntarily or non-voluntarily. In my innocence and newness to doing body work on others, I had a lot of questions.

She pointed out that I had a gift I was empathic and highly intuitive. I asked what that could possibly mean for me. She explained that in order to know which area of a person’s body I was to work on first, I would learn to listen to my inner self for directions; my spiritually intuitive body would in some cases get my attention by giving me pain signals in an isolated part of my body. It sounded pretty strange to me. She said as soon as I sensed my own pain signal, if I verbalized this to the client, he or she would confirm my accuracy and my pain would immediately disappear. She assured me I had an incredible intuition that I should learn to trust. I grew to have faith in my inner gifts, and she assured me I would soon prove to myself that my body was a mighty fine instrument that could sense things that went way beyond my mind or training, assuring me that I wasn’t rare and this was not unusual, that other people could receive their own unique God-given gifts if they sought to go into helping others heal. She did point out that if I feared my gifts as weird, felt shamed because of them or discounted my ability to serve others in this manner I was being shown, my gifts might never return. That statement got my attention. I left her office and tied the dots together. In the corporate world, I had this innate inner sense in solving employee differences and did major business problem solving. I had never acknowledged I had this great valuable intuition. With understanding, I was learning to embrace the mystical gifts showing up in my life.

Soon a lady came in and she didn’t mention that her wrist was hurting, but my wrist started having this interesting signal going on, not so much pain as discomfort. I immediately asked her if her wrist hurt. Oh yes, she had forgotten to mention it to me. My discomfort left and I began her therapy. I was validating my God-given gifts, which still felt weird, but wonderfully weird.

Being introduced to my angel helpers of love. Early on in my cranial sacral therapy work, a lady came to me with a left shoulder that was locked in the joint area. Some call it a "frozen shoulder.” She was in a lot of pain from a car accident. I worked with her on my massage table for 2 hours, and nothing I did appeared to help. I felt helpless and unable to relieve her pain. I had to stop because I was physically getting tired. Then it happened, I heard 3 separate female angels' voices saying “if you would learn to ask, we can help you; until you ask, we can’t violate your control over a situation.”

In my heart and soul I said, “Take over,” as I knew I had exhausted my resources. Instantly this lady healed, and I realized that until I asked the guardian angels they couldn’t help me. From that evening on, I knew I walked not alone, and my life took on a deeper meaning. I felt humbled and vowed to not take lightly the angelic helpers so readily available to meet my every need. When I’m asked by others how to experience their angel helpers I tell them to pretend they are real, until they too are pleasantly surprised and unable to doubt any longer.

A lady came in town to visit from another state to visit. She was gifted with a session with me. She was about 50 years old, pleasant, and with a rather simple hair style. She was very quiet and was observing the entire situation without words. I felt her anticipation and explained in detail the healing work I have been gifted with. She had never been on a massage table nor had any type of energy work done on her. As she got on the table, I made sure she was comfortable. She had cotton pants and a tee shirt on (I prefer that clients wear natural fabric clothing), and I tucked her under the covers with a nice pillow under her head. I did some deep breathing exercises with her to relax her into her therapy session, and also to notice how she was breathing - shallow or full breaths. I started doing foot reflexology and with both my hands on her feet, I was guided to ask a question. “What is going on with your right hand?”  She asked, “Why do you ask?” I said, "I feel something has happened to your hand – or perhaps I’m wrong."

She said, "No, you are right; I have three numb fingers on my right hand, from when I was 10 years old. My hand got slammed in my family’s car door. I asked if she was able to cry and release the trauma back then. She responded, "Sort of, as my parents and uncle rushed me to the hospital, I was wailing uncontrollably in pain, and they individually scolded me for crying, saying things like ‘It really can’t hurt that bad!’ Each one yelled more shaming words than the next. I quickly swallowed my tears and choked them down."

Since then, she had not had feelings in those 3 fingers, and admitted she hadn’t been able to cry much all her life.

I said, "Let’s see what Jesus and the healing angels of love can do. We will ask for healing for your fingers." From her feet, I started doing cranial sacral therapy on her head. I noticed her cranial bones were very tight, but soon they started relaxing. When I finished, I stood by her side listening deeply inside myself for direction. I heard to ask her about the sadness I felt in her heart area. She said she had a son who had needed around the clock care, and in the end she couldn’t do anymore for him, and he died. She choked on tears sharing how it makes her currently still feel guilty and shame that she couldn’t have done more. Her son was free, but she was still suffering. Soon we both witnessed a profound healing. I invited her to heal that part that didn’t need to suffer any longer – to place it all on my altar and ask Jesus to heal her. In moments after working on her right hand the energy came back in her fingers and all numbness disappeared. She got validated that day, and I assured her that healing would be happening for hours and days after having this experience.

She still stayed pretty quiet and amazed as she made another appointment and left. During the next week she went out and got new clothes, a new hair style and her nails done. When she came back for her second appointment, we welcomed her transformation. She was free to live her life fully. We gave God all the glory.

Her sadness got healed by the overall release from her head to her feet, helping her open her heart to receive love. I do believe and have witnessed many spontaneous healings from God that go way beyond what I could ever explain.

How did her fingers heal? After reading about cranial sacral and foot reflexology, you can see that her nerve endings had gotten jammed. If she had been encouraged to really cry and wail, which is natural, her own body would have heated up, released the energy, and she would have been acknowledging the violation done to her fingers, and her bruising would have healed rather fast. In her case, she was forced to choke her system down, along with her own natural healing process. Her family also taught her that it wasn’t okay to cry. Many years later, she still had blocked energy.

Crying and grieving when hurt is a natural response mechanism for healing faster. This is highly important when hurt. The sacred vessel we walk around in has been violated and wounded. Never ignore your bruises, injuries, and cuts. I’ve had clients who have had organs or body parts removed, and I believe these should be grieved. This is a major part of your sacred body, and remember there are times the organ held all your emotional pain as a cancer that had to be cut out. When we are taught that the body doesn’t have feelings and it doesn’t matter what happens to it, healing in some cases will take much longer and even get complications. Prove it to yourself. (If you want more on this subject, there is a great story in Joy-Full Holistic Remedies about a child who gets bruised; also CD’s on Emotionally Heal Your Body, and Issues In Your Tissues.)

I have a dear friend I call my brother, Mike. From the time he was two years old, he lost a major part of his hearing and eye sight. Now in his 60’s, he has tried every home remedy plus some to try to improve his condition. He knows far more natural remedies than I do, and I know a lot of them. I consider him one of the most brilliant people in my life, and respect his ideas and wisdom.  Mike rides his bike everywhere, even in the cold snowy winter, buying groceries and often biking up to six to seven miles in his country town.  His hearing aids pick up some sound but it is still a struggle to make out other people’s words. Overall he does amazing with his handicap, and added to this is his consistent sense of humor.

Two years ago, I was able to spend a week with him, and we walked the beach of Lake Michigan in my home town, enjoying the fresh air from the lake. I was able to run errands with him in my rental car and relieve some of his to-do list. I was able to find a senior helper that could help him get his groceries and make his life a little easier.

We had a special time together. I did foot reflexology on him with my special essential oils and cranial sacral on a man who rarely gets touched and, I would say, must hunger to be touched.
The last day I was visiting with him, we went to a local diner, and no one was in the restaurant. We sat across from each other. Mike could hear every word I was speaking, and we had a normal, pleasant conversation. This was drastically different from when I'd first arrived a week prior, when his understanding of my words was such an effort.

I imagined how isolated, lonely, and frustrated he must feel being unable to communicate or have good vision the way the rest of us do. This day in the diner, I realized by my taking a little time to be with him, that his hearing before and after my being with him improved noticeably, thanks to having someone reach out to him with unconditional compassion. It makes me want to cry for all the people who get ignored or neglected. I wonder what would happen if someone gave him attention and love on a consistent basis.  May we all take notice of Mike’s story and look for the Mikes in life who are starving for our kind words, compassion, respect, and help, and think of ways of lifting their spirits by becoming a big sister or brother at whatever age. Most of us go through life blind to other’s needs. It is hurtful for us to pretend to live the true "Christian life" or religious beliefs while being too selfish about our own needs to give our love away freely.

While writing this book, I took it upon myself to look deeper into Mike’s hearing and vision loss. I wanted to follow the details of what emotionally happened starting when he was two years old and see if I could trace the events that followed for the next 62 years. The answers pray-fully unfolded, as I interpreted to Mike what the emotional cause was behind his physical losses; being a fast learner he saw clearly the sequence of his painful blocked emotions and turned his thinking in a bold new direction of receiving hope and natural healing answers. Almost instantly the first week he had noticeable signs of improvement. His doctors had told him for years he had permanent damage. His continued improvements now over many weeks have proven to both of us that ‘blocked emotions’ are permanent until released! Please read Michael L.’s endorsement in front of this book and pray for his total recovery.

Enhancing another’s life returns to us personally multiplied in abundant ways. I believe community starts with seeing that by the Grace of God go I, and we are missing the blessings of God not to do random acts of kindness. Thank goodness in my home town there are more and more really awesome people who love Mike as much as I do. Love is the greatest gift we can give others, and it returns to us tenfold in all types of ways. When we die, it will not be how much money we made but how many lives we have made a difference in. Take time to look around you and see what you can do this coming year, even in small ways in surprising another by being an angel helper.

Through many years of reading e-mails from people with acne, rosacea and multiple health challenge, the underlying language is they are fearful and sick and tired of doing trial and error natural remedies or medications. Those of all ages are desperate to find out how to move out of these devaluating situations. For years I have done one-on-one phone and Skype work with others along with doing classes. I find people are hungry to learn the truth, and they heal rather quickly with a mentor to guide them, as it is no coincidence how we get woven together in love.

When you can reach out and get an understanding of how your body and mind work together as a whole person and not isolate the condition, you get a clear picture and direction to self-heal.

I notice when I educate others and teach them how they can trust their bodies and how they can prove natural remedies for themselves, many shift their thinking in a new direction and with that, release fear. Then, receiving hope they hunger to learn more about nature’s ways, with the only side effects being positive. Their new journey of wellness begins.

Remember, everything is energy and vibration; fear, doubt, worry, and complaining will be playing a very sad song internally in your body.
We can fill our minds with fear or faith; there is only room enough for one of them.

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