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Knowledge of Glycobiology can Improve Your Health

Vital Glyco-Nutrition

Excerpt from Auto-Immune, Acne, & Rosacea Natural Healing book,
found in chapter on Natural Hands-On Remedies

How I continue to stay healthy,  Georgie

Cell communication: I offer you this information because it saved my life, and I don’t know anything else on the planet that make’s so much vital common sense to me.  I would feel I did you a dis-service if I didn’t at least include what I have discovered and have personally witnessed. Keep this information and discovery as a reminder, in case you or your loved ones have a need. Anytime I can help myself or another stop/or lessen suffering – I pray I stay open to listen with my heart and follow my own inner knowing.

In order to have the absence of illness and disease, your body, like a fine instrument, has some essential needs. From the day you were born, your body has done healing and repair, faithfully serving you around the clock, without your even noticing. In laymen’s language, I will explain how healing and repair works at the cell level, and I believe that you can heal almost anything when the cells are humming in tune. Your cells' antennas, which go out and touch other cells to explore if it is a good cell or not, have to be coated with eight VITAL nutrients to communicate correctly, meaning if you don’t have all eight, you will create random health symptoms.

Generations ago your family had gardens and cared for the rich soil to be assured of their healthy great harvest. In the last 3 to 4 days before harvest, for example, when the fruit is ripe and ready to fall into your hands, is when those eight essential nutrients get created in fruits and vegetables – nature by design creating what our bodies need. That is not happening these days; everything is green harvested and sprayed and shipped long distances to your local super market. The soil is depleted, and if you are lucky, your food source, even organic might have two to three of these essential nutrients. Even the finest vitamins and supplements will only at best have three to four. Imagine your car needs eight spark plugs, and you give it three. It is still not going to run. If you are on mega vitamins, a great diet, and still have health issues, remember you are most likely feeding your healthy cells and not addressing the cells that are causing your health issues.

Some 15 years ago I discovered one of the largest nutraceutical science nutritional labs in the world here in the USA. When you hear their doctors and scientists talk, they are still humble and give God all the credit for the discovery of this science I’ve mentioned at the cell level. They have created a product that has 53 patents, that means it is an extraordinary proven science; it comes in powder form and has all eight vital nutrients. The drug companies wanted this product, but it is all natural and was ruled out as being a drug. It is mentioned in the current doctor's desk reference book, that if we don’t have these vital eight nutrients, we will create an illness or disease. It’s a powder that you mix in juice, water, or food. It is that simple.      

When you place back in the body the essential nutrition that it needs to calm it down and let it do its own healing and the repair it was designed to do, it takes approximately eight months of these nutrients to seep down through the body and feed the cells. Remember, your body knows how to heal; if you scratch your arm today, and it heals, that same system is inherently in your God-given body. What if we were to discover that many of our ailments are caused by cells that are literally starving for eight nutrients? Generations ago, people did more physical labor and got more oxygen into their bodies. Would it make sense that oxygen, water and the vital nutrients that the body needs might be what it has been lacking, and the results are showing up in mental, emotional and physical dysfunctions as a major call for help? I personally believe so.

My grandparents and parents grew gardens and we ate off the land. They didn’t have commercial fertilizers and sprays. What I noticed, the more care and organic conditions the more the land blessed the harvest. Fast forward, very few people have time to grow gardens; the majority of us have no choice but to buy our food even organic from a grocery store.

There is a program I share with people for infants to the elderly, to introduce them to this science, to share instructions and mentor them along the healing path. It is a large investment, but compared to the price of suffering/wasted energy and life, some have done garage sales or fund raisers to raise money doing whatever it takes to support their own healing. I sell this program at my own wholesale cost here in the USA to educate people on what saved my life many years ago. This is my way to pay it forward. I am on a rewards program and I do get rewarded by having you as my extended family committed to your own self-healing. The monthly cost can run from $150 to over $200, but it is not a try-it-for-a-month type of product. Payments are made through PayPal a secure site with a credit card. It works at the cell level, and it takes faith and persistence to nurture our vital immune system consistently, day in and day out, and allow it to self-recover. Once the symptoms are gone, one can choose to go on a maintenance routine, which can be less costly.

Some people lose patience when they don’t instantly see results. I found people who, when their body shows the slightest signs of detoxing, they blame the products rather than reaching out and asking curious questions and getting understanding. Others are so subconsciously conditioned that they can’t heal; they give up easily, and sometimes cling to their labels as gospel, and not challenge their bodies to prove differently.

If you suffer from adrenal fatigue, the cause started by random cells going into exhaustion. There is always a cause and effect, the adrenal system being the effect of an over stressed body, mind and spirit. When your adrenals are over extended you will have mild to extreme random symptoms from exhaustion, memory loss, roller coaster mood swings, depression, hair loss to hormonal issues to name a few. Once you understand how to reverse your symptoms, by correcting the cause, you can start to restore your body back to wholeness.
Remember that 80% of our body is internal, and we can’t see the mechanics that faithfully work for us at the cell level. This is a walk in faith, not doubt. There is no overnight healing; we didn’t get our health challenges suddenly. They have taken months and years to show up – and now the body by design has an opportunity to be fed high quality nutrition. For those going into surgery, this is a great way to super charge your immune system to aid in your healing and continue afterwards to maintain your recovery. You may want to consider this as a commitment to yourself in prevention and your future.

Remember, the product doesn’t do the healing; your body inherently knows how to heal. As you know, there are no guarantees. Healing for everyone takes whatever it takes and depends on the condition of the body when one starts. I will stay on this program for life, as it is a great prevention, and I feel I have suffered enough in my life. It is time to support my body in every way possible to keep it humming, healthy, and happy. I consider this part of my grocery money and superior nutrition. My nutrition that fuels my body - also fuels my mind, emotions and spiritual health.
The following examples, some might say are coincidence, you will have to decide for yourself.
A few examples of what I have personally witnessed getting the superior eight essential nutrients into the body: One six-year-old on a feeder tube, who had never been able to eat food by mouth all of his life, took the nutrients, and soon the feeder tube was removed. This precious child could eat with other children. A baby one year old was born with a hole in her heart. They were not able to do surgery because of her being too young. Months later, seeping these essential nutrients into her mouth from an eye dropper, she healed her own heart.

One 40-year-old man on a liver transplant list took them, and in three months of doubling up on the products, was off the transplant list. Now, a year later, all his vital signs are back to normal. He continues on the products. Another lady in her 50’s was in the hospital. Medications were no longer effective. She was given until the next morning to live and on life support. Getting her on mega eight-nutrients products turned her life around in 4 weeks and got her out of the hospital. Three months later, on Christmas day, she and her husband called me to thank me. They had flown from Houston and were now in Las Vegas, Nevada, to celebrate the Christmas lights and her major healing. This was my greatest gift ever, giving God all the glory and praise; I had the honor of serving and watching her heal.

For a long time I had a medical doctor in my life that insisted all her patients get on these 8 vital nutrients - in her words told her patients “a year from now, you will appreciate you did and have a new life.” She has since retired and moved out of state.

My friend Rachel, 60 years old, moved to Houston, and when I met her, she had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and crippling arthritis. Her fingers were so swollen that she couldn’t make a fist or wear her rings. All her joints were so painful, she walked in slow, painful motion. She couldn’t do steps, other than placing both feet on one step at a time. She had sold her beautiful harp, never able to play it again. She didn’t come to me as a client; I spotted her in a crowd and said I might be able to help her. One year later, she walks freely, wears her rings, painted her condo on a ladder, and is now buying a new harp. She can pick up her grandchildren - major joy in her life. With correct information, eight nutrients, and a healthy regiment, her body knew how to heal.

My cat got bitten by a rattle snake, and two veterinarians suggested putting him to sleep. I said, "Not my cat!” and worked with a veterinarian who did acupuncture and hydrotherapy. I did the eight essential nutrients a little at a time, feeding him all day long. In seven days, he was released from intensive care and totally recovered. Cats and dogs respond really quickly to this remedy – again depending on the previous damage done.

Remember, when the body gets exhausted at the cell level, one can start to have one new ailment or diagnosis after another. When you learn to solve issues at the cell level, your body by design, inherently – lovingly – wants to return to your birthright of wellness.

The question is often asked, "Will it interfere with medications?" I suggest you ask your doctor first before taking any food supplements. In my opinion, it will complement whatever program you are on, as it is the highest quality of food on the planet that you can get. Another question I get asked, “I have had many surgeries - can this work for me?” You have an opportunity to give back to your sacred body – for all the invasive ways it has suffered. Insist on healing from the inside out and your body as your friend will pleasantly reward you. Same principles work for women who have pregnancies – which take a lot of vital energy to give birth to a baby, now give back to the body the vital nutrition to restore it to optimal health. Weight control, when the body is fed at the cell level – it needs less food and your body by design knows how to self-correct. The other question that gets asked is, "Can you heal without getting these eight vital nutrients?" I believe with God all things are possible, and there are many other modalities, factors, and possibilities that play into healing the human body.

The skin is our largest organ and a sensory system, and the eight nutrients work great for acne and rosacea clients. The skin is the last place issues will appear; they are always driven from within the organs or immune system. The principles work the same. Fuel the body from within and the body nicely recovers and regenerates. One can’t see the cells self-correcting; it is a walk in faith. The good news, from my own experience, is that once the cells throughout the body are properly doing cell to cell communications, trauma will get pushed out of the body memory, and one will feel he/she has eventually stepped into a healthy person’s body. Trauma and health issues by design were never meant to linger in the body; they are stuck blocked energy, for lack of another way to explain it. Again, the previous damage to the body will be a factor in the length of time to self-recover inherently. Positive affirming self-talk plays a big part in how one recovers.

For myself, my exhaustion, memory loss, mood swings, and adrenal fatigue healed, my eye sight improved to 20/20, my facial skin and over-all skin improved, my hair and teeth had measurable results. Previously feeling like my career and life was over; I was non-functional with very low energy, pale and would forget where I was going. I was taking hundreds of dollars’ worth of supplements – they were feeding my healthy cells – but not the exhausted ones. I fully recovered, and I was able to regain my vital energy and strength. I got to see that one reason for aging, is a lack from the inside out of poor vital nutrition.

I hesitated putting information about cell communications in this book, because I wish it was more affordable for all people. I prayed, and I was led to share this awesome God-discovery in my life, even if I only have it available in inventory to ship here in the USA where I can guarantee and trace the shipments. I do have people that buy it and hand-carry it outside the US to their loved ones. I found out that Federal Express delivers packages from the USA to many countries and can track the packages – this may be an option depending on price.

In reference to the products, you can email me through my web site https.//www.Joy-Full.com whatever health challenge you are trying to heal, and I will gladly tell you what I would recommend if I were you. Then you can decide for yourself. Healing takes whatever it takes. Remember to follow your doctor’s advice for your health needs, trust your intuition, and do what feels right for you. I am not a doctor. Please rely on your physicians for your healthcare. Note: the products do not do the healing; your body has known how to heal from the day you were born.

Remember the principles listed throughout my books, CDs and DVDs around increasing your emotional health and happiness. That will make up a major part of your solution in your physical healing. You can start today to praise your body for its inherent ability to heal, and the financial cost is free. Your body will reward you with pleasant surprises.
You can cut out an organ – but you can’t cut out the emotional pain that caused it, look there for your future prevention and healing answers!

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