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Test for Physical & Emotional Symptoms by Georgie

Many of these symptoms below are tied together in an inner body language of the body seeking help. Often these symptoms get overlooked, not understood or coped with.  Never settle for second best for your health and happiness – invest in yourself to learn a better way – the gift that keeps on giving for a life time.

Current Symptoms you have or have had in the last 3 monthsScore Yourself - add up how many ‘yes’ answers you have.

  1.  Do you often find yourself, tired or exhausted? __
  2.  Do you experience joint pain__
  3.  Swelling in hands/legs/feet __
  4.  Sweaty hands/feet __
  5.  Do you have hair loss? __
  6.  Do you experience an internalized quiver? __ (Similar to feeling extremely  scared)               
  7.  Do you weekly experience headaches? __
  8.  Do you have TMJ jaw problems? __
  9.  Do you grind your teeth? __
  10.  Do your feet hurt? __
  11.  Do you often find your stomach tense, tied in a knot? __
  12.  Do you have indigestion, belching, gas, bloating? __
  13.  Do you get mouth ulcers? __
  14.  Do you experience yeast infection? __
  15.  Do you experience mucus in your throat or have sinus issues? __
  16.  Do you experience bad breath, foot or underarm odor? __
  17.  Do you weekly take prescribed medications? __
  18.  Do you regularly take over the counter drugs? __
  19.  Do you clench your fists while sleeping? __
  20.  Do you wake up tired? __
  21.  Do you have cold hands & feet __
  22.  Do you have obsessive mind chatter, hard time improving your self-talk __
  23.  Do you have a poor self-image and lack self-confidence__
  24.  Do you have one or more addictions__
  25.  Do you eat poorly, skip meals or over eat __
  26.  Do you have constipation often __
  27.  Most days do you feel empty and bored__
  28.  Do you have health challenges causing inconveniences in your daily life__
  29.  Do you lack self-love and self-appreciation__
  30.  Are you unhappy with your life__
  31.  Do you have hidden hurts and resentments from your past__
  32.  Do you have acne and Rosacea__

Score Yourself                                                      Score
If you have none of these                                  10 = Excellent
If you have 5 or less yes answers                      7
If you have 6 to 14   yes answers                       5
If you have 15 to 32 yes answers                     1 = Poor

Behind each question in the test there are natural solutions.  Without understanding suffering continues, with understanding natural solutions can be implemented.

At age 37, I had many of these symptoms in this test, when I was diagnosed with acne and rosacea. I had zero understanding of the mechanics of my body or where to find natural solutions. It took me 7 years to learn and holistically heal – what now I believe I could have healed in 3 to 6 months.

Check out my services and products – I’m dedicated to teaching where and how to find natural solutions. Nature by design knows how to do healing and repair and set us free. “Try it and experience the difference for yourself.”  Blessings Georgie
Definition of Cause and Effect
Solve any issue at the level of the cause and the effect disappears.  Try to solve any issue at the level of the effect and it will get worse and or leave you with the same issue. Trial and error remedies usually only address the effects.

 (This is part of the health evaluation in my The Rosacea-Acne Natural Remedy book page 33 & 34 covering emotional and physical symptoms with explanations.) 


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