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Blessing Ceremony by Georgie


Many cultures throughout history have treasured ceremonies that add deeper meaning to their lives and welcome health, happiness and cash flow. I have been gifted with a common sense beautiful blessing ceremony. It is life changing.
A sacred ceremony for prosperity and well-being allows you to be in the flow where everything starts to transform and improve. It works because it revitalizes the atmosphere in your home or business and has a corresponding effect on your own body’s energy field and its affairs. It expands creativity, prosperity, well-being and anything else your heart desires to increase or change.

“Adding deeper meaning to life is no small thing – it is everything”

For the past 10 years, I have done and taught blessing ceremonies for residences and businesses to invite transformational change. Families report better health and greater happiness. Business owners notice increase in cash flow. Careers of all types noticed positive changes in their relationships and abundance. People with health challenges report significant improvement.

Blessing Ceremonies for


Everything that happens within a building or home – all the various emotions, turmoil, smells, stress, events, constructions, clutter, lack of harmony or lack of love – creates an unseen energy that accumulates and can stagnate. Intuitively you feel the difference, you get to feel up-lifted or feel exhausted.  Over time the very walls absorb all of it. You can’t see it – it shows up in various productive and unproductive ways. It becomes familiar and as a way of life – going un-noticed but the evidence will show up in health, relationship challenges and directly or indirectly shows up in cash flow.

Your Personal Invitation
I can teach you over the phone or Skype how to do your own blessing ceremony.  Step by step instructions on how to prepare your spaces and give you details of how it works. Blessing your spaces, events and projects adds deeper meaning to life.
We bless our spaces – our spaces bless us

Another option, some prefer inviting me to come in person to their location (within the USA) and do their blessing ceremony for and with them.

To schedule – e-mail Georgie@Joy-Full.com and together we can look at your ceremony request with dates, times and prices.

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