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About Auto-Immune, Acne, & Rosacea Natural Healing

How ‘Smart Emotions’ Precisely Target Life’s Issues & why

Identify precisely blocked emotions that cause health challenges and free yourself of suffering! Healing steps for: healthier relationships/lifestyles, spiritual truth, awakening to your life’s purpose, and hands-on-remedies. Learn from clients’ healing stories and how to reclaim your childhood; choose natural solutions with passion!

As a society, we have been taught to deny our hidden hurts, losses, traumatic events, high pressured stressors, and abuse that we do to ourselves or receive from others. We have choked off our life-force energy, served others until exhausted, joy-less on empty. We can now stop the trial and error anxiety and expensive search for finding physical problems’ answers by replacing fear with faith and trusting our bodies to emotionally heal (on their own).

Our bodies don’t lie! This book can show you how to begin to treat your emotions as a friend to guide you into a new way of compassionately validating all the ways your sensory body gives you accurate intuitive signals that once understood, corrective action taken, wellness happens. May you embrace your true self with great curiosity for the mystery and mastery that lies within you. It makes sense
that as unique as your finger prints are, you are born with a readily available Intelligence that governs your body, mind, and spirit. When in harmony with nature, you can perpetually stay healthy and happy.

Follow each chapter teaching you how to respect your emotions, gut feel or intuition, gifted to you as your lifetime inheritance to accurately guide you. Learn how your ‘smart emotions’ precisely target your life’s issues,’ not as an error of nature, but intuitively getting your attention to invite in healthier, happier lifestyles! See this book as similar to a holistic insurance policy, knowing how to prevent suffering and protect your future.

The author believes one day soon, we will eliminate most invasive surgeries and mental and physical challenges as we see them for what they are - a call for Love.

Georgie Anna Holbrook is an internationally recognized, gifted empathic healer. She intuitively interprets for others how their disguised emotions show up in mild to extreme health challenges. Many times, she has witnessed these same conditions reverse. One of her passions in life is being a spiritual director, prayer mentor, and author.

Georgie went from having a tragic deforming disease to experiencing in the seventh year the natural steps to totally self-heal. She has since taught these same principles to multitudes of people both nationally and internationally.

She facilitates others to be empowered, live happier lifestyles, find work they enjoy that aligns with their passion, and witness nature by design that rewards them with health and prosperity. Read a FREE Chapter of Auto-Immune, Acne, & Rosacea Natural Healing

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About Joy-Full Book

Joy-Full Holistic Remedies is an empowering book written in unflinching details about how the author Georgie Holbrook healed a seven year disfiguring ‘incurable’ disease which also included near blindness.

This book helps solve the mystery of how an apparently healthy person suddenly develops a devastating illness and how childhood issues can be manifested as physical challenges which may appear later on in life. Most importantly this book describes how this process can be reversed.

This book is written as a wake-up call for those who have been taught they don’t have time to feel, grieve, nurture themselves, play, or heal naturally.

Quoting Georgie, “there are not enough surgeries, medications or addictions to squelch the internal cries of hidden hurts caused by emotional abuse.” Men and Women have been taught that certain body parts aren’t needed and can be discarded as a quick fix to get on with our fast paced lives. When all along our friendly body acting as a ‘messenger’ is trying to tell our story to get our attention, that once understood can re-direct our lives. Here is a chance to learn how to prevent and heal many if not all health related issues and thereby find joy-full living.

Georgie Holbrook, will lead you through sixteen chapters of emotional and physical self-help remedies to re-claim your own inherent ability to heal. The author doesn’t know the words ‘can’t heal’ but encourages and gives hope to people to believe that they can always heal any situation. She further states that nothing is impossible with God, so ‘label yourself brilliantly self-healing’ and get ready to be inspired.

Capturing worldwide attention, her book is an easy-to use guide to achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Visit her web site when you need encouragement and hope. Read a FREE Chapter of Joy-Full Holistic Remedies here

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About The Rosacea-Acne Natural Remedy

After writing Joy-Full Holistic Remedies, Georgie now describes her new insights in what caused her to have such an extreme case of acne, rosacea and near blindness. Includes a rare Health Evaluation: How to look for the emotional and physical components for finding your own answers. Describes how the body/immune system breaks down and what causes random symptoms. How rage shows up in physical pain - so you don’t have to deal with your anger. How stuffed emotions will re-appear in physical pain to try and distract you. How to recover from sexual abuse and trauma. Healing thoughts about yourself. If you find you don’t measure up, believe you can’t heal and feel ashamed of how you talk to yourself – learn how to walk proud and heal crippling negative self-talk and low self-esteem. Her book includes 3 national published articles on her healing and much more. Read FREE Chapters of The Rosacea–Acne Natural Remedy

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